Saturday, December 11, 2010

MLM and my Story

I have been involved in this crazy world we online call, "Internet Marketing." Someone else may call it "Network Marketing." I hope you get the picture as to what I am referring to.

For over the last two years, I have joined countless programs. I quit each and every one shortly after. Why do I do this? It's for reasons that you are probably already aware of. It is not easy. Many people get no help from their sponsors. Many people will join, but then like me, they quit. We simply give up. Why do they give up, because they feel that they were spending more money on getting people to join their sites then it cost to keep up with the program.

I would like to tell you a story. It's a true story about how I joined a matrix. It was a 2x9 matrix program that was in 'Pre-launch' stage. The program sounded really good to me. My sponsor had convinced me that it was great. Told me how I would be making more money then I have ever dreamed of making. To start out, it was free to join. I wouldn't owe any money till the site launched. I thought what can I really loose? I joined knowing I would be paying a $25 a month fee to be in the program. It really sounded easy. I got my 2 referrals, my referrals were getting their referrals and before I knew it, I had 526 referrals or members in my downline. They were all in my matrix. I was really happy. I was really into it. I thought I had gone to heaven, not died and gone to heaven, just gone to heaven.

By the time I had all those referrals, it was still 18 days before the official launch date of the site. I was so thrilled with the site that I checked my stats every day. Believe me when I say I had a smile from ear to ear.

The launch date kept getting closer and closer. Now it was only 10 days away. I started getting notices from the administrator of the site telling me "you need to pay for membership on or before launch day." I got these notices every day up until the day of launch. I had paid for my first months membership fees when I got the first notice. I thought I must have been the first to do so. I was seeing dollar signs in the corners of my eyes. When it was 3 days before the launch, I noticed that not one of my downline members had paid for their membership yet. I decided to send my email to my downline. I thought it was the right thing to do. I sent my email to my two referrals and asked them to send it on to theirs. I never received and replies back. Hmmmm.....that seemed odd. Was I being ignored? Or did they not receive my email? I sent another one. The same thing happened. I never received any replies.

One day before the big launch day was to happen, I sent another one hoping this would be the one that would get some replies. I still heard nothing from any of them. Well, the bottom line is, all of my 526 downline members that I was so elated at having, had their accounts deleted due to non payment. This happened after they received several notes from the administrator.

I did not understand what had just happened. Was I being naive? Or was this all a bad joke? I was baffled for days. I went on and tried for a few months to get more referrals. I had no luck. I was dumbfounded. I didn't bother with the internet for six months before returning.

Why you ask? After months of not being on my laptop, other then checking on my personal emails now and then, I still had an itch. It was an itch that I couldn't scratch. You know the kind. The one where you have the person in a white suit on my left shoulder telling me you can do it. You can make money on the internet. Don't let that one bad experience get you down. Okay, there was more then one bad experience. Now on the other shoulder is the person in the red suit. He has the horns on his head. He is telling me that I am a fool for believing the guy in white. He told me I was stupid if I believed Mr.Clean over there. He said Mr. Clean was leading me down the wrong path. I think you get the point. The battle of evil against good.

The conclusion to all this is, Yes we can make money on the internet and I am going to prove it. Not just to me, but to all my friends, Family and you, yes you, my referrals.

Look for my next post telling you how I plan on helping all who join me. See you on the other side.

Steven Perez

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  1. Hello Steve and thank you for sharing! I'm positive you just want what's best for your Family. Go! Go! Go!